5 Things To Know If It’s Your First Day As a Primary School Teacher

If you’re starting your career as a teacher in a primary schools in geelong and you’re nervous for your first day, it’s quite natural to feel that way. Working with kids is not an easy thing and you have to be the adult in the room. So to do well and to know what you’re doing, there 5 things you should know before stepping in your classroom on your first day as a primary school teacher;

Meet The Parents

It’s imperative that you get to know the parents of the students in your class. It will not only help you get to know the students better but it will also provide insight into their thought processes, development arcs and the best methods that they respond to so you can get maximum growth out of them. It also helps to identify why a child struggles or succeeds and you’re more likely to help them out in a better way if you understand where they come from.

Get To Know The Kids

This is an important one! You may meet the kids only for a few hours a day but the impact you can have on their lives is immense. Primary school teachers sometimes lay the foundation for a zest for learning and can be great contributors to setting the kid on the right path right from the beginning. So invest in your students and make sure you’re doing what you can to help them become the best future versions of themselves.

Be Prepared For Nasty People

You will meet a lot of people who will try to bring you down. It’s not an easy job and everyone will have opinions no matter what. So it’s important you don’t get demotivated and you realize that these nasty comments come with the territory. Keep doing what you do best!

Don’t Listen To Everything Your Seniors Tell You

It’s not uncommon for senior colleagues to bring in their prejudice and try and color your opinions. Take your time, judge things for yourself and try to avoid other people’s preconceived notions. Because not everyone who is talking to you and giving you advice wants the best for you. Take in what you can but use to your own capabilities to judge and handle situations!

Go With Your Gut

Trust your gut feeling no matter what! It can be a difficult thing to do if you’re just starting out as a primary school teacher and don’t have a lot of experience but never disregard your gut feeling. There’s a reason why you got here and you deserve the spotlight. Do what you think is right and everything else will fall into place eventually!