Study, work and live in Australia. Linda’s story

So, a few months after graduating, she left for Melbourne where she deepened her studies in the field of infant education and also started teaching Italian for a language school. But what is it like living in Australia? Here’s what he answered.

When did you decide to leave for Australia?
I decided to leave for Australia after spending a month there on vacation.

What visa did you start with?
With the Student Visa.

You studied Children Services in Melbourne: how would you rate your study experience? Would you recommend other people to study in Australia?

For the choice of the school, I relied on the invaluable help of Australia Alive , one of the agencies that deal with helping future emigrants in choosing a school course. Their support was invaluable in that period, prior to departure, characterized by many thoughts and concerns.

Now that the course is over, I can more clearly outline the strengths and weaknesses of my personal experience.


– improvement of the English language : not being an English school, a minimum level of knowledge of the language is required to access it. This allowed me to be in daily contact with girls from all over the world, each with a good level of English and to speak English for 8 hours a day;

– new friendships : going to the other side of the world means starting over and this also with regard to knowledge. Sharing the “joys and sorrows” inherent in the study and the time spent together in the stalls, allowed me to forge a strong bond with 5 – 6 girls in my class, with whom the relationship still lasts;

– review of my studies : the course deals with issues related to early childhood, topics, ie, that I had already studied at university. It was not boring to face them again, indeed, in this field one never stops learning, so it was a useful and interesting course.


– school management : unorganized administrations do not exist only in Italy, there are (rare cases, fortunately!), Even in Australia.

That said, travel, travel, travel, anywhere! Even for a few months or a few years, to study or work, do it! I didn’t even imagine how close the personal enrichment could be. Studying abroad is a real challenge, but it involves enormous satisfaction. The first and greatest obstacle to overcome is, of course, language.

Was it easy to settle in and find work in Australia?
When I went to Melbourne, my boyfriend was already there. This has been a great help for me to settle in, both for the geography of the city and for the knowledge. In Melbourne, it’s easy to get used to and the means of transport are easy to use.