What is ISO 14001 Certification and why is it important?

What is ISO 14001 certification and how important is it? This question has often been asked and the only way to understand it is to know more about it.

The basics of ISO 14001

Implementing and designing an international environmental management standard system (EMS) is the simple explanation of ISO 14001. The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a worldwide body that distributes and creates acceptable standards acceptable to the entire world.

The crucial challenges businesses face today includes:

  • Preventive measures to stop from causing negative impacts on the environment
  • Taking care of the environment

The environmental footprint caused by various businesses has to be reduced for them to carry on a good relationship with the public, customers, and the company itself.

Companies implementing an environmental management system (EMS) not only boost their public image; they save money as well. Some of the benefits gained by companies implementing EMS include:

  • Using reduction efforts as a way to conserve input energy and materials
  • Reduced liability costs with the reduction of incidents
  • Ability to get insurance coverage at reasonable costs

All of the above benefits encourage companies to use an environmental management system (EMS) in their job sites.

Advantages of ISO 14001 Certification for businesses

A healthy planet offers a better place to run healthy businesses. Companies that get ISO 14001 certification stand to gain multiple advantages, including:

An indication of quality for a business or company

A product designed and created by a business or company showing the mark of ISO certification indicates quality. The product is considered high-quality when it meets the ISO standards. This assures customers that the quality of the product purchased is maintained to the highest standard.

Applicable worldwide

Every product bearing the mark of the ISO indicates its high-quality anywhere in the world. The ISO mark indicates meeting all the standards and needs of the customers, regardless of location.

Shows EMS commitment

ISO certification marked on any product of a company indicates the commitment of a company towards environmental conservation. It means that the creation and design of the product adhere to the requirements of being environmentally-friendly.

Low employee turnover

Employees like to work in environmentally safe workplaces. A company adhering to the standards set by the ISO 14001 guarantees employees a workplace producing products that follow strict EMS standards. This, in turn, reduces employee turnover.

Show responsibility for the environment

Protecting the environment is the major focus of customers and the general public. A company showing an ISO 14001 certificate mark on their products relay a company’s serious responsibility to protect the environment. The chances of financial growth for ISO certified companies are guaranteed with the growth of its reputation among its customers.


The ISO 14001 has become a compulsory requirement for various businesses. Violating EMS standards in the production of products can become expensive in terms of paying penalty fees. Having a company obtain the ISO 14001 certification allows them to remain free from expensive punishments and penalties.

Globalization is the name of the game when it comes to businesses today. Being able to stay in the game and maintain the edge among business rivals is to fulfil the quality standards of clients around the world. And the best way to stay ahead of the game is to have the ISO 14001 certification marked on all products. Atlas offers ISO14001 certifications in Australia. Get certified today!